David Michael Lippold

    Raised in the suburban town of Medford, New Jersey -David Spent most of his adolescence hopping back and forth from Jersey to Philadelphia, as well as New York. After living in Philadelphia for some time; he moved to Houston, Texas to finish his education at the University of Houston studying graphic design and fine arts.

     He is currently the Director of Photography at HISD (Houston's largest school district) where he also directs/edits video, does motion graphics and graphic design.  He also pursues video and photography freelance gigs, and is the co-founder of IDKM Productions www.idkmproductions.com.

    David is also an active artist in local exhibitions. As multimedia artist and musician; David incorporates painting, digital media, photography, videography, and music together; and intertwines the concepts of each medium. While his technique continues to evolve, he consciously maintains a "signature" stye.

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